Family. Faith. Moto.

Our Mission

PanicREV is Faith, Family, and Motocross. We are a movement, empowering and equipping the motocross community to know Jesus and to walk strong and bold in their faith.

Our Impact

Over the years a countess number of ministry opportunities have opened including, loving on and supporting families in need, during some of life’s most difficult times like death, injury, and sickness. We have also provided prayer and Bible studies in several different situations, such as trackside services, home groups, small groups, and a church plant. PanicREV has always placed a high value on ministering to people through our online and social media community. With outlets like photography, film, and social media, PanicREV has connected with and shared a message of hope with hundreds of thousands of people within the motocross community. PanicREV has also given professional motocross athletes a platform to share their faith to a broad audience. We have been honored to feature such athletes as Trey Canard, Zach Osborne, Ryan Sipes, Blake Wharton, Shane McElrath, and many more.

Our Story

PanicREV started in 2003 when a young Bible College student named Scott Parkinson and a Southern California pastor named Troy Wong first met. The two became life long friends that shared a passion for motocross, faith and ministry. Both saw the motocross community as a people group that the church was unable to reach. As a result, PanicREV was born. Scott’s younger brother John Parkinson soon joined the movement and the work of reaching out to the motocross community with the good news of Christ began. The team started by handing out free water bottles at the local motocross tracks. It wasn’t long before doors opened to lead chapel services at local racetracks around Southern California. It has been over 20 years now and the ministry has accomplished more than we could have ever imagined. However this story is not over in fact it has just begun.

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