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CampRev Express

CampRev Express

Apr 3, 2018

PanicREV is excited to announce our newest addition to CampRev, CampRev Express. Our Express Camps will be SEMI-PRIVATE ONE DAY CAMPS held at motocross tracks around the Southern California area. We will take what has been developed over the years with CampRev and condense the three day camp schedule into a one day program. CampRev Express is designed to provide riders with a firm spiritual, physical, and technical foundation through our world class program. CampREV Express is set up for riders of all ages and skill levels that are looking to take their ability on the racetrack to a new level! This is achieved by keeping Camper numbers down and being able to connect with each rider. CampREV Express features a devotion and prayer time, in addition to refining skills such as conditioning, corners, jumping, starts, riding position, technique and a whole lot of FUN! We are looking forward to seeing you at CampRev Express!