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Join The Movement: Nick Brozovich

Join The Movement: Nick Brozovich

Jul 26, 2019

Each month we will be featuring someone that has responded to the calling of Joining The Movement of Faith, Family, Moto by supporting the work God is doing through PanicRev. This month we caught up with Nick Brozovich.

Nick Brozovich grew up in Lubbock, TX and was a motocross fan from an early age. He worked hard to achieve many goals in the sport of motocross and off-road racing, becoming one of the top racers on the WORCS and Endurocross series riding for factory teams such as Yamaha, Suzuki, and Honda. In 2008, Nick was racing at the world famous Mammoth Motocross and connected with PanicRev. PanicRev hosted a Bible Study and trackside support at the event. Nick explained his first experience with PanicRev this way, “I had a huge crash on the downhill and landed on a downed rider’s bike; I was shook as I had no family there, just my team. Scott and John came over and just calmed me down; we prayed together, and I ended up having a great weekend of racing. After that whole experience, I was totally stoked to have PanicRev be a part of my life. Living in CA and being from TX, I had never gotten plugged into a church or a community. It was such a blessing to have church, community and moto all combined into one package that is PanicRev”.

Nick decided to “Join The Movement” 9 years ago when he began to tithe to PanicRev. Nick explains, “PanicRev was really there for me at a critical point in my life, I had really gotten lazy in my walk with God and they helped me stay on track. One of the major things was having the community of people around to build you up”. Nick and his wife Angela continue to support PanicRev and the movement of Faith, Family, Moto. “We continue to be a part of PanicRev and this movement because we believe in the outreach in this sport that we love.” Nick went on to say, “I know my dollars are directly funding PanicRev to be able to attend races and reach out to kids and families just as they did to me years ago, and I love that!”

Nick wanted to shared this with all of you: “God has blessed me with a successful career and yet I still have my passion for moto. I love seeing what PanicRev is up to and I feel my support to them, although different than supporting my local church, is just as important, if not more important because PanicRev is taking Christ to the race track, a place that He is not welcome very often. I just feel God has put it in my heart to keep PanicRev going to the races and sharing Jesus wherever they go. I want to encourage everyone; if you want to experience real financial peace, try tithing. It is unreal how the Lord will fill you and give you all of what you need. It might be hard at first but totally worth it. So if you are going to tithe and you love moto, I just can’t think of a more solid group to give to than PanicRev. You can rest assured that your support makes a difference on so manydifferent levels.”

If you would like to Join The Movement of Faith, Family, Moto as Nick has please CLICK HERE